Hybrid Mini-Maze

The Hybrid Mini-Maze

This procedure is a revolutionary approach to persistent a-fib. A team of doctors collaborate to treat persistent a-fib to eliminate the need for traditional open heart surgery. Treatment includes two minimally invasive procedures, resulting in a much quicker recovery time and increasing quality of life.

The general design to a hybrid approach for a-fib involves two separate approaches. Frist, a Mini Maze is performed to create the lines of ablation on the outside of the heart which makes up majority of the lesion set. This is followed with a catheter based ablation 3 months later. The previously made lesion set is tested and “touched up”. Additionally, a right sided/separate lesion set is made on the right side of the heart to prevent atrial flutter (a separate rhythm disturbance).

Aspirus is 1 of 10 centers worldwide to offer this procedure.  One advantage of this procedure is that it results in a lesion set that is more durable than if the two procedures are done in the same setting. Early success rates of this procedure suggest it’s equally as good, if not better, than a Full Maze.

Aspirus is participating in the DEEP (Dual Epicardial Endocardial Persistent Atrial Fibrillation) trial. This is an international study examining the effectiveness and long term success of the procedure. The goal is always to be off antiarrhythmic medication and anticoagulation within 6-9 months after surgery. The ability to achieve this will be based on your stroke risk.